What does your brand bring to the party?

Consider the typical cocktail party. Invariably, you encounter two or three people you really connect with. People of real character who make you laugh, make you think, make you remember them. And then there is the swarm of nameless, faceless, expressionless people at the party you wouldn’t recall if your life depended upon it. People whose lot in life is to be merely a part of the background. Human wallpaper. Walking Muzak.

The same holds true for brands. A select few possess the charm, wit, honesty, and charisma to make an impact. To get noticed. To get talked about and remembered fondly. To generate interest and curiosity. Memorable brands, like memorable people, get invited back again and again.

At The MAD House, we help build brands that bring enjoyment to life. Getting brands ready for the big party is what we do. It’s our thing. With the right combination of words, imagery, humor, and intellect, we make your brand stand out, not blend in. Because in a world of brands competing for attention, you either get noticed, or you get nada.

Care for a beverage?


“The MAD House is the first agency to take the time to really get to know us and to propose solutions that speak to our target audience. They have brought a level of professionalism to our campaigns that demonstrates a strong understanding of the marketplace.”    – Howard Lenett, General Administrator